Nickelback know a thing or two about backlash. The Canadian band has received a tremendous amount of criticism along with phenomenal success. Nickelback may seem like easy targets, but they're not alone, as bassist Mike Kroeger apparently trades hate stories with Metallica's James Hetfield.

Metallica have had proverbial tomatoes thrown at them, but frontman James Hetfield is undoubtedly one of modern music's most respected figures. Though he fronts the most popular band in metal history, Hetfield "pretty much thinks the entire world hates him" according to the Nickelback bassist.

Frontman Chad Kroeger conveyed the story to Radio Nova (watch below) while talking about what it's like to be in a heavily criticized band. "My brother, Mike, the bass player in the band, he hangs out with James Hetfield a lot in Maui," Chad explained. "So the two of them are hanging out a lot together. And right when you think that you're the only one who gets it — the backlash — Mike's like, 'Oh no. James pretty much thinks the entire world hates him.' I'm, like, 'Really?' Suddenly I don't feel so bad anymore."

Chad continued, "A friend of mine was saying, 'As long as there is music being played, your music will now be forever in the history of music. How does that feel?' And that was just, like… I was thinking to myself, I can't imagine a hundred years from now somebody enjoying one of our songs. But I'm sure Beethoven thought the same thing. No [I'm not comparing us to Beethoven], I'm talking about someone who has been around for that amount of time. I didn't compare myself to the greatness of Beethoven. But it's daunting. It makes you feel small to have created something that could be enjoyed-slash-hated for hundreds of years." [via Blabbermouth]

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