The Canadian rockers of Nickelback unleash their new single ‘This Means War’ off of their seventh studio album, ‘Here and Now.’

‘This Means War’ is the lead track on the album and it certainly is no ballad. This up-tempo tune, complete with crashing cymbals and heavy guitar riffs, keeps true to the band's mainstream appeal with a touch of edginess. The song won’t inspire any mosh pits, but hips will be shaking.

Frontman Chad Kroeger sings the first verse in a deep, melodic voice which include the conventional “I’m going to kick your ass all over this saloon” type of lyrics. “Climb into the ring for a battle that you can't win / Swing as hard as you can swing, it will still mean nothing / Should’ve seen it coming / It had to happen sometime / But you went and brought a knife / To an all out gun fight.”

The lyrics make for the perfect anthem for a good ol’ bar fight, especially when Kroeger belts out the elevated chorus, “You’ve gone too far / Who do you think you are / Is this what you came for / Well this means war.”

Love 'em or hate 'em, Nickelback know how to deliver a radio-ready tune. The band has also revealed tour dates with Bush, Seether and My Darkest Days.

Listen to Nickelback, 'This Means War'