In just a few more months, rock fans are in for the show of a lifetime when Motley Crue and Kiss hit the road together on their co-headlining trek, The Tour. The 40-date tour will kick off on July 20 in Bristow, Va. and is promised to be packed full of the same edge that both bands have always had.

"We're like soldiers, man — you can't take us out," Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx recently told Washington D.C.'s FOX 5. "You do it long enough and you realize that you just get stronger, and you get better ... you're a better player, better singer, better performer and you just go. You're like a war machine, to be honest with you. The longer you've been around, the better you get."

Sixx and his fellow bandmates, as well as Kiss, know the importance of having the entire package to go along with being a rock star. "If there's anything that young musicians [should] take away from this, you can't look like a roadie and be in a f---ing band," he said in the interview. "You've gotta be in a band. You've gotta be a rock star. You've gotta dress like a rock star, you've gotta play music that's important, you've gotta put a hundred percent into your lyrics, a hundred percent into your songs, a hundred percent into your show, your packaging, your marketing, and do it. It's time for new bands to step up because Kiss and Motley Crue, Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones ... we're not always gonna be here. Who's gonna replace us? There's no one out there. It's sad."

And speaking of Aerosmith, they will also be hitting the road this summer on their own co-headlining venture with Cheap Trick, which kicks off in June.

Watch Nikki Sixx's Interview With FOX 5