Former Of Mice & Men vocalist Austin Carlile was admitted to a hospital earlier this month due to complications with his Marfans Syndrome condition. He has now shared on social media that surgery on his spine was a success and he has been discharged from hospital care.

"[I] have had this procedure 2x on [my] spine. First time [doctors] put me completely under," he wrote in a tweet. "Second [time] I did it with no anesthesia, but low meds. Today was the first time doing it underneath {my] skull through [the] base of [my] neck. The 'CRUNCH' and 'CRACK' of tissue/muscle as [the] needle forced through nearly made me call it."

He shared on his Instagram story the news of his discharge yesterday (Aug. 26). "Thank you all for the prayers & support! he wrote. "Now to sleep for 48 hours straight..."

Instagram: Austin Carlile
Instagram: Austin Carlile

Carlile recently confirmed his plans to return to music. While in the hospital, he alluded to future plans, saying, "This small bout came out of nowhere and I will leave it behind just as quickly. God has been working immensely in my life and I have been working on new things that I've poured my entire heart into and cannot wait to share them with you."

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