Overkill have just unveiled their new video for 'Electric Rattlesnake' from 'The Electric Age.' Once you start watching it, your eyes will remain glued to the screen to soak in the compelling plot footage and to experience what feels like a live Overkill performance. It's a captivating six minutes of thinking and thrashing. Nice work, Overkill.

The Overkill gents are smashing away at their instruments with precision while performing in a warehouse. That footage is spliced with clips of an orange jumpsuit-clad, condemned inmate being read his last rites by a priest. Things aren't looking up for this guy!

He's bald and tattooed, stuffed in a crappy cell with chains on his ankles and he is about to meet his maker. Can you think of a better soundtrack than furiously played thrash music, provided by Overkill? We can't.

Frontman Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth and co. headbang with the fury of men half their age. They truly are the gold standard of thrash metal and look and sound like young turks, even though they've been making a glorious racket for decades. This footage demonstrates that to the hilt.

The frenetic pacing of the performance scenes feels like Blitz, who we recently interviewed, and his boys are performing at Madison Square Garden. They are bringing it.

The song's structure is the perfect accompaniment to the plot, since there are super fast parts, which are ripe for the inmate scenes, as well as a slow mid-section that allows more intricate plot points to present themselves without the music pummeling at you (and the jailbird) at the same time. It's an effective strategy and a complete piece of art.

There is a twist during the death-by-electric-chair, but we won't give it away.

Just watch it. It's quite metal.

Watch Overkill's 'Electric Rattlesnake' Video