Overkill have just unleashed the next piece of their legendary thrash career. The band's 17th studio album, 'White Devil Armory,' is set for release on July 22, but you can hear the new song 'Armorist' right now.

Overkill have experienced a massive career resurgence after the release of 'Ironbound' in 2010. The album received rave reviews from critics (receiving perfect scores from some) and invigorated both longtime fans and young metalheads. Overkill unleashed 'The Electric Age' in 2012, keeping their momentum going with yet another solid release, giving the band their highest-charting album to date.

Fans are truly excited for 'White Devil Armory,' and if 'Armorist' is any indication of what we can expect from the full album, the excitement is very warranted.

'Armorist' is a classic Overkill full-speed-ahead cut. The instrumental section of Overkill plows through the four-minute track while vocalist Bobby Blitz attacks with a signature shriek that shows no signs of decay. If you've recently seen Overkill live, you can attest to the consistency and even continued development of Blitz's voice, so the singer's solid skills in 'Armorist' comes as no surprise. Furthermore, Dave Linsk may be thrash's most underrated guitarist, as the shredder pumps out yet another brilliant performance in 'Armorist.'

Check out the lyric video for 'Armorist' above, and pre-order 'White Devil Armory' here.