When it comes to metal, there are few bands as consistent with turning around new music than Overkill. Never taking more than two years between albums since their 1985 debut Feel the Fire, the band is once again on track for a new album in 2016.

During a chat with Metal Eater's Tony Antunovich, which can be heard in the player below, frontman Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth revealed that the band is currently working on their next album, but already have the week of Oct. 28 circled on the calendar for the release.

"We're writing our 18th record right now and it still feels like we're in the game," said Ellsworth, who later added, "We're fully demoed at this point. We're talking 11 songs right now that I'm holding and it should be a few more after this. We're usually 10 flat when we release a record, but there may be a bonus track or two, but they're fully demoed and we're scheduling drums for right after a European tour that's coming up."

While not giving up the titles of songs or the album title, Ellsworth stated toward the end of the interview that Oct. 28 would be the release date, give or take a few days depending on the country.

Ellsworth also revealed that the band is planning to record a couple of live albums during their European run. "We leave the end of March, come back toward the end of April. We're going to do a DVD in Germany, record two records for live release during this tour," explained the singer. "We're going to be doing a record called Horrorscope and our first record Feel the Fire. We're going to do it in DVD format, in download format, in CD and vinyl, et cetera et cetera."

The vocalist says the plan is to play both albums in their entirety back-to-back during the same show. But while those albums are on the "to-do" list, Ellsworth says the new studio album will likely come first.

Check out Overkill singer Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth's full chat with Metal Eater below.

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