Love the Misfits? Here's your chance for you to invest in them even more by bidding on a piece of the band's royalties for three of their records.

The records are 1997's American Psycho, 1999's Famous Monsters and 2001's Cuts From the Crypt. The current auction through Royalty Exchange runs through next Tuesday (May 5) at 3PM MT.

The royalties will come from sales, streaming and sync rights. The first distribution will be paid on Sept. 30, 2020 and further distributions will be paid out biannually.

There have been double digit growth rates for this collection of albums, with earnings for the catalog growing year-over-year the past four years. Last year's total royalties increased by 27 percent compared to the year prior. In addition, royalties for the three top earning tracks rose by 30 percent or more in the last year.

The current bidding price as of press time was $71,200 for the three records. Investigate further and place your bids here.

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