P.O.D. just hit the road as part of the 2011 Rock Allegiance Tour, which also features Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, Crossfade, RED and Drive A. The trek will continue on through a Sept. 25 in Sacramento, Calif. For P.O.D.'s singer Sonny Sandoval, the tour is more than just a handful of bands performing for their fans ... it's more of a reunion of friends.

"We all kind of came up together," Sandoval tells Rock 108 in Abilene, Texas. "We're all old-school friends. We've known each other throughout the years. There's just this idea of having this solid bill with cheap tickets, and kind of keep it old-school. It's going to be cool from beginning to end. It's not just a headliner and then a bunch of bands. The people are pretty much familiar with all the bands. It's going to be one big party from beginning to end."

P.O.D.'s loyal fan base has been by the band's side for nearly 20 years, and over their career they have released memorable singles like 'Alive,' 'Youth of the Nation' and 'Will You.'

"P.O.D. kind of built that brand name," says Sandoval of the early years. "We came out and have been open about our faith. We've always been a positive band in a world that's pretty crazy and wild [laughs]. I think we've connected with our fan base on more than just a rock 'n' roll level. We really do care about our fans who come out. We have love for people, and we're just trying to spread that good message."

Throughout their time in the music business, the band has continued to surpass any goals they may have set along the way, always keeping their faith and beliefs in check. "Just to be able to do this for a living ... to be able to leave our own neighborhoods and community, and then to leave outside the country ... all those dreams have come true," says Sandoval. "The thing now is to just stay in it and just enjoying music part of it."

The Rock of Allegiance Tour kicked off last night (Aug. 24) in Grand Prairie, Texas. Click here for a complete list of dates.