A decade ago, P.O.D. ruled radio, doling out hit after hit from 2001's massive album, 'Satellite.' The band's seamless blend of smart rock and rap was wrapped in melody. We're glad to report the band still has those irresistible melodic chops on 'Lost in Forever,' their latest single which will appear on their Razor and Tie debut. While the band has shifted labels and lost (and regained) guitarist Marcos Curiel over the years, their musical foundation remains strong and the same.

There's decidedly less rapping on 'Lost in Forever,' which is comprised of a thick stew of riffs, layered harmonies and thunderous percussion. There's echoed vocals, which are a staple of the P.O.D. sound, but the song is not sterile or clean. There's a bit of a disortion on the guitars, giving the song an edge.

It's certainly no 'Alive' or 'Youth of the Nation,' which are some of the band's biggest hits, but it's more than solid enough to satiate the diehards. It's quality hard rock with an urban feel. It also steers completely clear of some of the cheese factor that often afflicted this genre. P.O.D. have always been smarter and more thoughtful with their lyrics, another element that elevates the song.

Listen to P.O.D. 'Lost in Forever'

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