Palisades have finished a transition they began before the pandemic by announcing that bassist and co-vocalist Brandon Elgar is now their sole lead singer.

As of this month, Palisades vocalist Lou Miceli Jr. — he was in the group for a decade and sings on all of their albums so far — is officially no longer in the New Jersey-based post-hardcore band that last released Erase the Pain in 2018. The move's likely no surprise to Palisades fans: When a fall 2019 tour found Miceli sitting out dates, Elgar first took up the role of main singer. Now two years later, the song "My Consequences" has emerged as the band's first single without Miceli.

Listen to "My Consequences," see the single's artwork and read the lyrics down near the bottom of this post.

In a press release, Elgar said the new song is the "culmination of so much work and so many emotions. We are really excited to share this song with the world. Having felt trapped inside my head for some time, this song acknowledges those feelings while inviting anyone that has felt the same to come along."

Last week, Miceli explained it was "with a heavy heart I have to say that my chapter with Palisades has come to an end. Let me first say up front that we are all still friends and this was a hard decision for both myself and the guys to come to but we both felt that it was time we explored different paths and opportunities. I will forever have love for them and I know that they feel the same."

After Palisades released early efforts Outcasts (2013) and Mind Games (2015), Elgar replaced bassist and co-vocalist Brandon Reese in 2016. They released a self-titled album in 2017, followed by Erase the Pain. More music from the reconfigured outfit is due soon.

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Palisades, "My Consequences" Lyrics

I hope I'm buried with my enemies
Ten feet below the concrete
I think I might've hit the deadline
I'm so close to death I can taste it
I'm writing letters to explain my reason
To all my friends and my family
I hope I made a difference
Don't cut me up
Don't let me burn

I lied, I tried
Now I'm lost I'm never coming back
I pry my mind
No one else can save me
If this is how it is, that's fine
Cover me up
I'll soak in lime
I pry my mind
With my consequences

I know the solace that I try to seek
Is somewhere between the dirt and me
I hope I find a sense of comfort
I'll trade teeth for nails
Don't wanna talk about it

Don't try to analyze my self inflictions
It's clear to me that no one ever cared
I don't do well under the pressure
I don't expect you to understand

And now I see
Everything's better when I'm 10 feet deep
You'll see me change
When you do I hope you keep your distance

Palisades, "My Consequences" Single Art

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Rise Records

Palisades, "My Consequences" Music Video

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