Palms have just unveiled their new video for 'Mission Sunset,' but it's actually more of a short film. Clocking in at just under 10 minutes, the film follows a man in distress as the tales of his tragic love life unfold.

The clip finds the central character staring out at the ocean from the beach as the video begins, but the events of what's causing him such anguish reveal themselves in reverse as the promo continues. A tattered photograph with the words, "I'm sorry," recollections of a once intimate relationship and eventually the unveiling of the woman's affair and being caught by the distraught beau all play out giving further clues to the man's state of mind.

Meanwhile, the ebb and flow nature of the song and emotion of Chino Moreno's powerful delivery really set the tone for the action on screen. It should be noted the film might be NSFW due to brief nudity, but the promo's emphasis is more about unraveling the relationship and the tragic tale.

'Mission Sunset' is featured on Palms' self-titled debut disc, which was released in 2013.

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