Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has ventured out for a number of side projects over the years, among them a collaboration with former members of the band Isis in a group called Palms. The collective released a sole six-song EP in 2013, but Moreno reveals in a new interview that there's still some unfinished material that could be completed at some point.

Speaking with host Dewey Halpaus on The Peer Pleasure Podcast (as heard below), Moreno discussed his time with Palms, who issued the atmospheric self-titled EP back in 2013.

“We did it with the intentions of it not being a band. It was just fun. I’m hanging out with my friend [Aaron Harris], we’re just experimenting and making music. But it wasn’t like a band. It was a bunch of music that they’d already been jamming on and I just sang over what they had. I didn’t have any part in the creating of the songs themselves or whatever or playing guitar," says Moreno.

He adds, "Eventually we played live and I played guitar and I felt like the live version of that a lot better because it was more bombastic and dynamic I think. But yeah, it was tough because the expectations of what that could have been. I personally felt a little bit let down. So if I felt that way, then I know that a lot of other people must have felt that same way too."

The vocalist says he's glad he did the Palms project and reveals, "We actually wrote a few songs now — ones that we did together as a group —and we probably got like four or five tunes of those that we started working on, that we’ve done some recording on them actually; and then kind of paused it out because I had to go in and do a Deftones record or whatever. We weren’t able to get around to it."

He adds, "We still may at some point, because obviously the songs are there and it’s kind of up to me to write some more vocals and stuff over it. But it's actually a lot more a mix of Isis and Deftones type of thing, it's a lot more guitar-driven I guess you’d say a distorted guitar, dynamic.”

The Palms project will wait for now as Moreno has more pressing plans at the moment. Deftones are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their White Pony album and they have a brand new album titled Ohms set to drop on Sept. 25.

Chino Moreno on The Peer Pleasure Podcast

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