Papa Roach have revealed their new music video for their politically charged current single "American Dreams." The song comes off the group's most recent album Crooked Teeth which was released this past May.

The video's conceit begins with frontman Jacoby Shaddix entering a classroom to give a talk on the American Dream. For the rest of the video, the frame centers around many different aspects of America and all its inhabitants. The video travels to barber shops, a tattoo studio, a boxing gym, a rural home and more. Shaddix sings the words to the song in all these different settings, getting a shave and driving around all the while.

The video strikes right at the core of the song's meaning, that there's numerous aspects to America as a country and Americans as a people beyond its wars and politics. “America is struggling, America is divided, America is hurting right now,” explains Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix. “We’re at a fever pitch of confusion, smoke and mirrors, blatant lies. The American Dream is on the chopping block.

Recently, the group dropped an acoustic version of "American Dreams" that cut to the core of the song's poignancy. Each of these different aspects of the song go to show its staying power, and that it will stand as one of the band's best tracks.

Hear "American Dreams" above!

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