It would seem as though Papa Roach are currently be recording a new album. In a recent tweet from the band, a picture of a white board sectioned off into a grid with each vertical column labeled with a separate recording task. Although the horizontal column names are cut from the photo, it is likely that those are either concrete or working titles for new songs. The tweet was captioned with the suspecting eyes emoji.

Papa have had a wild past few years. We documented the group's revival in a recent op-ed, detailing how they have managed to morph themselves into a newfound mainstay in the active rock world, despite having been in the game for over two decades now.

The band's last album, Crooked Teeth, debuted at No. 20 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. It sold 23,000 total units, with 18,000 being from traditional sales. It boasted five singles, including smash radio hits such as "Help" and "Born for Greatness."

Check out the mysterious tweet from the band below. What are you hoping to hear from the band's eventual next chapter? Would you like to see them reach back further into their nu-metal roots? Or stay in the lane of what is currently considered active rock? Leave us a comment with your thoughts and be sure to share with a friend!

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