Pepper Keenan of Down and Corrosion of Conformity fame recently sat in the hot seat with us for a game of ‘Would You Rather?’ He is ready to set sail on this year’s Motorboat Cruise with Corrosion of Conformity, and we had a chance to pick his brain as he answered a bunch of random questions, telling us why he rather mess up onstage than be late and the very special deceased musician he would have lunch with. Check out our game of ‘Would You Rather?’ with Pepper Keenan below:

Would you rather be really late for a show or mess up onstage?

Oh I’d rather f--- up onstage than be late because I f--- up all the time. [Laughs] Playing live to me, it’s not a f---ing recital, if you want that stay home and listen to the CD. If you’re pushing yourself and going on some limb solo-wise that you’ve never gone before and you f--- up well at least you’re going for it. Don’t just stand there and play it perfect, that’s boring.

Would you rather be in the studio or on tour?

That’s a double edged sword – they’re both fantastic.  I have to say I like being on tour probably more than being in the studio but you can’t go on tour unless you’re in the studio. [Laughs] I enjoy writing music though, I enjoy it very much.

Would you rather have a massive bank account or a massive fanbase?

S---, that’s a tough one. I don’t have either one so I wouldn’t know. [Laughs]

Would you rather have lunch with a music icon who has passed away or a music icon who is still alive? And who would it be?

Well, I’d like to have lunch with [Dimebag] Darrell. That would be awesome to do that again. Let me tell you he would have been a blast on the Motorboat Cruise or any of those things. Oh my God, he’d be hanging out with me out there, doing shots with the kids and making them go f---ing apes---t.

Would you rather in a world where people break into song or people break into mosh pits?

Song, mosh pits are kind of a macho one-sided thing. You don’t need a bunch of tough guys with no hair running in a f---ing circle. [Laughs]

Our thanks to Pepper Keenan for playing ‘Would You Rather?’ with us. For more information on Motorboat 2015, go here, and for Corrosion of Conformity tour dates, click here.