Philip Anselmo has had a busy 2016 with some stumbles along the way. With his black metal outfit Scour set to release their debut EP this summer, the legendary singer has more music for the masses. As promised, a new Superjoint (formerly Superjoint Ritual) disc is on the way and the title has been revealed.

Caught Up in the Gears of Application will serve as the successor to the last Superjoint Ritual album, 2003's Lethal Dose of American Hatred. The news came from a post on the Scour Facebook page (seen below), as a magazine ad was held open showing the Housecore record label's current priorities. The label is owned by Anselmo himself, used as a vessel for releasing his own music as well as favorites of his.

In October of last year, Anselmo gave Loudwire the scoop that Superjoint were working on a new record, giving an indication of the sonic direction when he said, "There is a groove element to it, but I don’t want to toss that word around too liberally, because it’ll give people the wrong idea … It’s short, straight to the point, no bulls–t and we’re close, we’re really close. We’re close to about 30-45 minutes of music … but we’ve got more writing to do.”

The core Superjoint lineup has remained intact, with Jimmy Bower on guitar (Down, Eyehategod) and Kevin Bond. The group initially reunited for a one-off performance at 2014's Housecore Horror Film Festival and have since joined Danzig on the Blackest of the Black tour last year.

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