We've got a fascinating new listen to share with you, even though it's 30 years old. Before Axl Rose picked up the microphone to lead Guns N' Roses, the singer fronted a band called Rapidfire in the early '80s, and believe it or not, Axl sounded like a mix between Rob Halford, Ozzy Osbourne and Glenn Danzig.

For nearly every musician, each successful project is preceded by a few which never quite took off. For Axl Rose, the singer rocked out in the Los Angeles hard rock / heavy metal act Rapidfire prior to his glory days with Guns N' Roses. The singer is well-known for his high and gritty shrieks, but way back when, Rose could almost be described as a baritone.

Rapidfire recorded a five-song demo in May 1983, samples of which recently leaked onto YouTube. Reportedly uncovered by former Rapidfire guitarist Kevin Lawrence, cut up samples of the track 'Ready to Rumble' can now be experienced 30 years after it was recorded. The original eight-track format tape was finally exhumed, and contains additional tracks 'All Night Long,' 'The Prowler,' 'On the Run' and 'Closure.'

Check out the audio samples of Rapidfire's 'Ready to Rumble' in the player below and read the entire story of Rapidfire on the band's revival website.

Rapidfire, 'Ready to Rumble' Sample