Just a week after the unreleased Pantera song 'Piss' hit radio stations, another unheard piece of the late Dimebag Darrell's legacy arrives in the form of 'Twisted' -- a song the legendary guitarist wrote and recorded that is helping to launch a new line of Dimebag Darrell tribute skateboards.

Pro skater Mike Vallely's Elephant Brand Skateboards company has joined forces with Dimebag Hardware -- owned by Dime's girlfriend Rita Haney -- to release a line of skateboards honoring the late guitarist's memory. The board itself is a throwback, '80s style deck that features and image of Dime shredding surrounded by green lightning. Despite its collectible nature -- this is no souvenir skateboard, "This is a skateboard meant to be skated—something that Dime did and loved," says Vallely.

To help launch the line, an unreleased song that was written and performed in its entirety by Dimebag (yes, even vocals) is being released as well -- Haney selected the song 'Twisted' from the archives for the job. "This little ditty is one Dime created after we moved into the hut in DWG, Texas," explains Haney. "It was just before his 30th birthday in July of ’96 – hence the line, ‘I lived the lives of a million men Yet I ain’t even 30 years old.’"

'Twisted' is available on CDBaby and iTunes and can be heard in the skateboard's soundtrack video below. You can find out more background on 'Twisted' as well as order the new tribute skateboard at Dimebag Hardware's official website.

Watch the Video for Dimebag Darrell's 'Twisted'

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