Prophets of Rage, featuring members of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, formed as a reaction to the current state of politics in the United States. Using the band as a vehicle for their political message, they played a free show from a rooftop on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles yesterday (July 15).

Skid Row is home to one of the country's largest population of homeless people. Guitarist Tom Morello has a documented history of aiding the homeless and frontman Chuck D. (Public Enemy) teased the idea that Prophets of Rage would be performing on Skid Row on Thursday (July 14), posting on Facebook, "#‎TBT to when Public Enemy played Skid Row. Not a bad idea."

Prophets of Rage did not announce the show prior to setting up on the rooftop, posting a shot of the drum kit on their Facebook page (seen below), declaring, "We're down here on 6th street Los Angeles giving a free concert to the people of Skid Row. Our music is for them. See you in an hour!" The band opened with the Public Enemy song "Prophets of Rage" which can be seen in the video above and the setlist can be seen below (via as well as more footage from the show.

The band will be hitting the road for nearly two months beginning on Aug. 19 in Fairfax, Va., extending through Oct. 16 where they will cap off the trek in Chula Vista, Calif. Support will come from AWOLNATION and a list of tour dates can be found at our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

Morello has promised the band will play again before the tour, including a performance centered around the Republican National Convention, which will be held between July 18 and 21. The guitarist stated, "Well there's a thing called the Republican National Convention in July and that’ll be a perfect place for a band like Prophets of Rage to cause a ruckus and we will be there on the streets in the fields and in the concert hall. We will be rocking furiously in and around the RNC.”

In March, Ministry's Al Jourgensen alluded to the same idea as Morello, telling Loudwire, "We’re in negotiations with actually playing down the street from the Republican National Convention. You look up the city you can figure out what city we’re negotiating with. Both Jello Biafra and myself are both planning on being there."

Prophets of Rage Performing on Skid Row in Los Angeles

Prophets of Rage, Skid Row Show Setlist

1. "Prophets of Rage"
2. "Guerilla Radio"
3. "(Rock) Superstar"
4. "Testify"
5. "Hand on the Pump" / "Can't Truss It" / "Insane in the Brain" / "Bring the Noise" / "I Ain't Going Out Like That" / "Welcome to the Terrordome"
6. "The Party's Over"
7. "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" / "Fight the Power"
8. "Bulls on Parade"
9. "Killing in the Name"

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