Prophets of Rage have delivered a searing commentary on the state of race relations, social movements and more in the United States with their latest single "Radical Eyes," taken from their self-titled LP out next month (Sept. 15).

The clip is a barrage of images taken from the civil rights movement in the 60s through the recent events in Charlottesville, Va. featuring a host of those fighting injustices like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and a countless number of protesters who have taken to the streets over the years at rallies across the country.

There's also the flip-side, with President Donald Trump, his just ousted White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, Adolph Hitler and Osama Bin Laden. The end of the video has a quick flashing of Trump with a Hitler-styled mustache.

Then comes a bizarre splicing in of Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose from the Appetite for Destruction-era eating what appears to be a Cup O' Noodles soup alongside protesters from the late '60s.

Producer D.J. Sing took the reins for this song, and the clip is reminiscent of some of the video work Rage Against the Machine did back in their heyday, which isn't very surprising given the band is made up of the core of Rage with guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk. Taking on vocals is a combination of trading off with Chuck D from Public Enemy and Cypress Hill's B Real.

“There were rhythms before there were words,” Morello said in the band's latest newsletter. “Music has both the ability to reflect and transform the times. There’s a long history of that, from slave spirituals, to ‘We Shall Overcome,’ to the Sex Pistols.”

The upcoming Prophets of Rage album features a dozen songs, with the track listing posted below. “Radical Eyes” is the third single. The artwork for the album can be seen below. Pre-orders have begun at Amazon and iTunes.

Prophets of Rage, Prophets of Rage Album Art

Concord Music
Concord Music

Prophets of Rage, Prophets of Rage Track Listing

1. Radical Eyes
2. Unf–k the World
3. Legalize Me
4. Living on the 110
5. The Counteroffensive
6. Hail to the Chief
7. Take Me Higher
8. Strength in Numbers
9. Fired a Shot
10. Who Owns Who
11. Hands Up
12. Smashit

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