Prophets of Rage, the supergroup consisting of members of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, have released their newest video for "Living on the 110." The song comes off the band's upcoming debut self-titled album out Sept. 15.

The video combines a mix of different media to get its point across. On one level, you've got the band playing the music, passing the raps back and forth while Tom Morello delivers the funky kind of guitar work he's famous for. Statistics get superimposed by the band, giving information on life for the homeless in America, wealth inequality and numerous things facing Americans. You've also got real world shots of places and people affected, veterans holding up signs and crumbling houses going crashing by. It's a powerful video, continuing Prophets of Rage's impactful output.

The band haven't held their tongue when it comes to where they stand politically. They've stated unequivocally that their existence and purpose as a band currently is to oppose the Trump Administration by providing a soundtrack that accurately sums up the feelings and anxieties brought to some by his election. They've regarded Trump's decision to move away from the Paris Climate accord as the "ultimate wake up call to Americans," and hope to inspire people to stand up for change.

Up to this point, we've also seen them release their video for "Unf-ck the World," directed by notorious documentarian Michael Moore. The pieces are beginning to come together to show what their upcoming self-titled album will bring, and hopefully it will be nothing short of explosive.

Watch the "Living on the 110" video above!

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