Prophets of Rage recently released their mission statement into the world with their new self-titled debut album. They developed 12 tracks of pure political fury, reminding the world of what the combined members of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill can do. They've brought their power to a brand new video for "Strength in Numbers."

The visual brings forth a series of conflicting imagery and creates a dichotomy of feelings and ideas. It takes aim at the controversy surrounding NFL players' decision to kneel during the National Anthem in protest of the injustices facing black Americans and communities, The video shows in nature how powerful strength in numbers becomes, as hornets being able to wield scary power, ants are able to move things incredible distances and other instances are shown. The clip turns its focus at the choices of President Trump ignoring what having a lax gun policy is doing.

Chuck D issued the statement, "ALMOST anything can be built or toppled with a collective force. A movement is never about an individual. On the opposition of Colin Kaepernick in today's sports world, we ask ‘is it the KNEE or is it the NEGRO?'"

We recently spoke with Tom Morello about the album, and he said playing in Prophets of Rage is the most accomplished he's felt musically in a group setting. He explained that music has the power to connect people with divergent viewpoints. "They may completely disagree with the politics but ... I run into people who either had their minds changed or been open to a new set of ideas by music. That happened to me with The Clash and Public Enemy, where great music introduced me to a set of ideas that were not a part of my world that made me re-examine my world. I think that’s going to be happening a lot with Prophets of Rage," explained the guitarist.

Check out Prophets of Rage's video for "Strength in Numbers" above!

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