It's time for new Protest the Hero music, though the material will not be completely new to select fans of the band. That's because the group recorded the songs from their Pacific Myth disc for fans who subscribed to their Pacific Myth platform, and they're now gathering the tracks together for the first time to release as a six-song disc.

Pacific Myth will be released by Razor & Tie on Nov. 18, and the band has just announced a variety of pre-order merch bundle options at this location, or fans can simply pre-order for digital copies of the disc at their bandcamp page. Pacific Myth will also be available on 180 gram purple swirl vinyl with a colored insert of all six covers from the original releases. Other bundle options include the band's artwork on a stretched canvas, hoodies and special t-shirt designs.

As stated, the tracks were previous recorded and released to members of the band's subscription service. It was intended as a way to create and distribute music to the group's core fans, with each of the six tracks receiving its own correlating artwork. But with all of the songs distributed to the subscription service members, the band is now compiling the tracks into one cohesive release that has been fully remixed and remastered.

"Pacific Myth was purely an experiment. Normally, we take as much time as we need to write records -- lots of which is spent procrastinating. With Pacific Myth, we didn't have that luxury -- we promised to release one song per month on the 15th of each month for six months running," state the band. "What we discovered in writing these tunes was the fact that strict deadlines (even if self-imposed) do not allow for over-thinking -- something we are incredibly guilty of on our four existing full length albums. Surprisingly, the constricting time frame lead to some risks in writing we wouldn't have normally taken -- or at least some risks we would normally have had the time to identify as 'too risky' and then re-worked until we felt safe again. For this reason, it's a totally 'go-with-your-gut' record and one we are extremely proud of."

With the album arriving in November, the band has booked a Canadian tour during the month of December. At present, the band exists as a four-piece, but they've welcomed longtime friend Cam McLellan to fill in on bass. Dates for the run can be found here.

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