Queen’s reigning axeman – Brian May – has achieved a lot, and yesterday (Dec. 30), he was given the title of Sir in the U.K’s yearly New Year’s Honors List. According to him, the designation comes with “a little bit more clout.”

As noted on the band’s official site, May’s “citation recognises [him] as Dr Brian Harold May CBE” and acknowledges his many contributions to music, astrophysics, animal welfare and charity over the last few decades. Specifically, the list notes that May was “named Greatest Guitarist of All Time by Total Guitar Magazine,” as well as that “Queen’s performance at Live Aid in 1985 is acknowledged as the greatest live set in history.”

Expectedly, May responded to the accolade with humility and purpose: “I'm happy and grateful to receive this honour. I will regard the knighthood not so much as a reward, but more as a charge – a commission - for me to continue to fight for justice - to be a voice for those who have no voice.  I will endeavour to be worthy - to be that Knight in Shining Armour.”

At the same time, he acknowledged another inherent advantage to accepting it. “Maybe a few more people will listen to me than would otherwise, you know, if it’s Sir Brian on the phone,” he told the Associated Press from his home.

Of course, May’s wife – renowned actress Anita Dobson – can now be called Lady May, too. “She’s thrilled to bits. Yes, yes, she’s very happy about that. Yes, Lady Anita will be enjoying it,” May continued, “and it’s a thrill to me to be able to kind of confer that on her. It makes me feel proud that she gets an honor beside me because God knows I wouldn’t be here without her.”

It’s worth mentioning that May received a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) designation in 2005. Likewise, Queen drummer Roger Taylor was selected as an OBE, or Officer of the Order of the British Empire, in the 2020 New Year’s Honors List. Naturally, May subsequently congratulated his bandmate in a late December 2019 Instagram post.

Congratulations to Sir Brian May and Lady May!

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