For episode 13 of the Loudwire Podcast, Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton and bassist Eddie Jackson joined us in the studio to discuss the latest with the band as well as some fun geeking out in our "Rocker vs. Writer" segment.

For those new to the podcast, this segment finds us debating some of the most popular rock / metal topics with some of the biggest stars in an impassioned discussion as fans of this music. Here, while debating the best replacement singer, the conversation naturally turned to assessing Bruce Dickinson as Paul Di'Anno's replacement in the legendary Iron Maiden.

Di'Anno famously sang on Maiden's first two records, Iron Maiden and Killers, both of which are still regarded with as much esteem as the day they hit the shelves. Of course, Dickinson's reign as the band's frontman is spread across two eras totaling 12 studio albums and counting. He's also one of metal's longest enduring frontmen with a voice that only seems to better with age, coupled with ceaseless onstage energy.

But what did Eddie Jackson have to say? Acknowledging that both singers rightfully have their spot in the band's elaborate history, he explained how Dickinson maintained the style of delivery fans had come to expect with Di'Anno, sending the band's trajectory further upward.

See what else the bassist had to say about these iconic singers in the podcast teaser at the top of the page and come back on Jan. 26 for the full "Rocker vs. Writer" debate and more about Queensryche's 2017 plans, how singer Todd la Torre may have extended the band's lifespan and more. Subscribe to the Loudwire Podcast on iTunes to ensure you never miss an episode!

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