Rammstein have been on a bit of a break over the past year, but by the looks of a new trailer there may be something new coming from the band.

Though not officially confirmed, it appears the trailer could be for a new live DVD titled In Amerika. Quick flashing shots show band members, the insides and outsides of music venues, cheering fans, American flags and New York cityscapes (perhaps a hint that the material comes from the band's Madison Square Garden performance).

Vocalist Till Lindemann has been promoting his Lindemann album Skills in Pills with Peter Tagtgren for a majority of the year. Meanwhile, guitarist Richard Kruspe released his second album with his band Emigrate last year.

In late June, Lindemann revealed that Rammstein's members were planning to reunite in September to discuss their next album. It would be the band's first release since 2009. As for In Amerika, we'll keep you up to date as more details surface.

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