Germany's Echo Awards will never, ever be the same after industrial-rock warriors Rammstein join forces with the Anti-Christ Superstar himself. Rammstein have confirmed that they will hop onstage with Marilyn Manson to perform the latter's 1996 smash hit 'The Beautiful People' during the 2012 Echo Awards, which will take place in the German capital of Berlin on March 22.

The awards will be both broadcast and streamed live, so fans across the globe can participate and enjoy the industrial aggro power chords that comprise the song. The addition of Germany's own Rammstein should certainly beef things up.

Rammstein and Manson are quite a complimentary musical pairing, since both traffic in crunchy, machine-like hard rock. They are also on the same page on a thematic level. Both acts get a rise out of shocking fans (and the religious right) with their onstage antics, so who knows what may happen during their joint performance on the Echo Awards stage?

Once the Echos are in the rear view, Rammstein will travel to the United States for a spring tour. Manson, meanwhile, will embark on his own U.S. trek in late April.