RED are ready to share an epic video with fans, and the band is teaming up with Loudwire to exclusively bring you the premiere of "Darkest Part."

The video centers on a man who awakens in the woods in a pile of red leaves, peering over and discovering a group of hooded and masked beings looking over one of their own who is also covered in red leaves. As the man tries to escape into the forest, his fate with the other masked being begins to be revealed.

The "Darkest Part" video adds to the story that was first introduced in the "Feed the Machine" clip and later continued in the band's "Release the Panic" video.

Guitarist Anthony Armstrong tells Loudwire, "This video will finally bring the whole story together. We've been building up to this moment for 4 years. It's exciting to see how it came together. Our hope is that our fans get as much enjoyment out of this, as we did carrying on with this epic storyline."

He adds, "Being lost in the woods can be intimidating. But a scary dream that brings to light what's truly in our sub conscience, that we are the sickness, is even more to come to terms with. Everyone can relate to this. Only we, as the individual, have the ability to recognize that sickness and overcome it. Not even a true love can help. We have to make the decision on our own."

"Darkest Part" is featured on RED's of Beauty and Rage album, due Feb. 24. The disc also features such songs as "Part That's Holding On," "Yours Again," "Gravity Lies" and "Shadow and Soul." You can order the disc via Amazon and iTunes.

And look for RED on tour with Islander and 3 Years Hollow. See the dates by clicking the button below.