RED prefer substance over the superficial, which is the message drawn from the band's latest music video, 'Perfect Life.' The group just debuted the clip for their latest single and it drives home the point of staying true to one's self.

The video begins with a series of images of excess, celebrity and the supposed finer things in life, but in the interim the members of RED are shown inside a darkly lit studio performing their latest song -- the anti-establishment track 'Perfect Life.' The band is being watched on a monitor by a secretive figure, who is also viewing subliminal suggestions and what appear to be commercial images, but as the video continues the band becomes more prominent and the commercialized images become fewer.

Frontman Michael Barnes belts in the song, "I'm immune to your fantasy. I won't become you, I won't become you," while laying out his argument for not wanting to live someone else's vision of the perfect life.

The 'Perfect Life' song is featured on RED's newly issued, 'Release the Panic' album. The Nashville-based four-piece recently recorded the disc with acclaimed producer Howard Benson. The group is currently on the road as part of the Winter Jam Arena Tour. Look for more spring dates to be announced shortly.