RED have become Loudwire’s very first Cage Match Hall of Famers due to massive support from their die-hard fans and supporters. In their fifth and final battle, they beat out Nickelback in a landslide win.

Their journey started out when they first beat out Skillet; then they went on to drown out Black Tide; that was followed by a victory over fellow Southern rockers Black Stone Cherry. For their last two wins, RED were triumphant against heavy hitters of Seether and Nickelback.  Their song 'Lie To Me (Denial)' off of their third studio album 'Until We Have Faces' beat out numerous chart topping hits from all of these artists.

RED are also on the road nonstop. After recently wrapping up a tour with Brian 'Head' Welch, the band is out on the Winter Jam Tour, which ends on Nov. 20 in Ontario, Canada. For a full list of tour dates, go here.

Now that RED and their song ‘Lie To Me (Denial)’ have been retired to the Hall of Fame, who will be the next band to keep them company?

Listen to the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame track ‘Lie To Me (Denial)’ by RED