A metalcore fan and Reddit user polled the community about deathcore band Spite and whether or not they are "Satanic aggressive Christians," noting that his faith-based dad will be in attendance with him at the tour that also features August Burns Red, Brand of Sacrifice and Crystal Lake.

And the replies were quite helpful, albeit in a rather upfront and uncompromising (yet mostly polite) way.

So What Kind of Band Is Spite?

In the r/Metalcore Reddit thread titled "So what kind of band is Spite?" the metal fan mentions his dad is taking him to the tour and "only because [August Burns Red] are Christian."

Doing due diligence, the fan is vetting the other bands on the bill, perhaps under the assumption that August Burns Red are only bringing other bands who share similar religious beliefs on the road with them.

Dad is not a metal fan and it seems like him agreeing to go to the show is a really big moment for the headbanger and he wants to ensure it's a positive experience for them both.

My dad is taking me to the ABR [August Burns Red] concert in Atlanta, only because they're Christian. I've been listening to some of Spite's stuff, and oh my word are they heavy.

Are they satanic, aggressive Christians (like Impending Doom), or neither?

Lastly, should I skip them? My dad already hates metal as it is and him taking me to this is huge. He obviously hates satanic stuff and swearing, but I do not want to miss ABR or Brand [of Sacrifice].

August Burns Red
August Burns Red

Reddit's Helpful Responses

Since dad "hates Satanic stuff and swearing," it's bad news because Spite because, while they have co-opted some imagery that is often associated with Satanism, have lyrics that are outwardly anti-Christian. And they say "fuck" a lot. A whole fucking lot.

"I mean I don’t think they’re a satanic band, but they swear a lot and have pentagrams all over their albums," one reply points out.

Another offering helpful advice cautions against Spite under these circumstances and issues a warning about what else can be expected, sharing, "They are amazing, but in your case you need to skip them. They are very anti-Christian. Also be aware that Brand of Sacrifice, though not anti-religion, will generously drop f bombs throughout [the show]."

One fan, clearly familiar with Spite's lyrics, was in disbelief at the original post, singling out the "Despise" lyric "Jesus Christ feet-first going up your fucking…..CUUUUUUUUUNT!!!!" Someone else followed up with more lyrics — “The Father, the Son, the Holy who gives a fuck,” “There is no God here to hide behind” and “Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven."

Spite, "Despise"

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"They’re gonna start their set with a 'SPITE CULT MOTHER FUCKER!' into a heavy breakdown and your dad is gonna have an aneurysm. I’d say skip 'em," another post advises.

Things are obviously not looking great for dad and a lot of other Reddit users strongly suggest that dad not be present during Spite's set, either dropping the fan off at the venue and staying outside in the car or doing something else in the nearby area.

Others take issue with dad's religious views impacting the metal fan's ability to enjoy music as they please, without intrusion or impedance. Elsewhere, misnomers regarding what constitutes actual Satanism and what is anti-religious imagery or faux Satanism for shock value.

And then there's one reply that stands out the most with a thorough and diplomatic take, offering options rather than strict advise, even presenting a solution so dad may not be quite as deterred by Spite.

The post reads,

Spite hate religion. They have some extremely gruesome songs criticizing religion. I'm unsure if they're actually satanic, but lyrically, they absolutely abhor religion. They criticize people who think prayer is a replacement for action, and scream about torturing priests that prey upon children. It is not a blind hatred, but criticism cranked up to 1000 with their anger.

Whether you skip them or not is up to you; as far as I have heard, Spite are genuinely incredibly nice people, their music is just very angry. If you are somewhat new to the metal scene in-person, generally speaking, anyone is going to treat you like family no matter who you are. The context of much lyrical (anti religious) subject matter is in response to those imposing their beliefs on others in a negative way - it is a response, not just the band actively seeking hatred, etc.

Despite Spite's music, August Burns Red tours with them. Differences in beliefs are not a reason to not befriend or not associate with others. Your dad may not like Spite, but personally, if you mention it like, "Hey dad, yeah these guys just have different beliefs than us," your dad hopefully will not be concerned that you're following bad role models or something. But again, Spite are dope people. To me, this is something for you and your dad to discuss, not something for him to shut down your interests for.

People attend metal shows because they enjoy the music and it's a way to escape the pain of life. It is a very known thing that people at metal shows are some of the nicest you can meet at any kind of concert anywhere, and this includes fans of Spite.

Nice job, folks of r/Metalcore! You had the opportunity to totally destroy someone who could've Googled this all (the lyrics, at least) and took the high road, offering up advice a simple Google search could not have given this fan.

That long response above was right — Spite have some mighty nice fans!

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Spite, "Caved In"

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