Guns N' Roses and Metallica! What could go wrong? As we now know, the pairing of arguably the two top hard rock acts of the early '90s actually could run into a few headline-making incidents. But there's plenty of lesser-known but no less interesting facts to come from this high profile tour.

Get the full story on how a wristband saved Metallica frontman James Hetfield from even worse injury when he was burned in a pyrotechnics accident or how Slash had the closest brush with death of either band during the run. And what about that riot that happened in Montreal? Get the full story on that, as well, and why it put both acts futures in doubt in the video above.

So revisit one of rock's most raucous and excessive tours ever and get even more stories from that run by checking out Ultimate Classic Rock's video above.

You Think You Know Metallica?