Do you ever wonder which concerts your favorite rock and metal musicians saw for the first time?

Everyone remembers their first concert. For many musicians, it changed their lives, as it was the moment that made them realize music was what they wanted to pursue as a career. Most rock and metal musicians saw other rock and metal bands, which is what led them to have an appreciation for the genres. But some saw artists from other backgrounds instead.

We went through interviews with some of the biggest artists we love here at Loudwire to find out about their first concert experiences. You'll find stories from some of the members of Metallica, Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters, Alter Bridge and others.

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Lars Ulrich, for example, saw a legendary band play in Copenhagen, Denmark when he was 9 years old.

“I was just infatuated,” Ulrich remembered during a conversation with Classic Rock. “Not just with the music but the event: the people, the volume, the reverberation, the light show, the whole thing.”

Thus, without that band, there may not have ever been a Metallica. Scroll through the gallery below to find out which artist Ulrich saw, and learn about some other rockers' first concerts.

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