Geddy Lee is attempting to calm speculation over his planned songwriting sessions with former Rush bandmate Alex Lifeson.

While the pair remain close after Neil Peart’s retirement and subsequent death brought an end to the group, Lee once again played down the idea that a reunion was underway – even though he’d previously allowed it was possible.

“If I say anything about working with Alex, people run to the conclusion that Rush is starting up again,” the frontman told CTV Morning Live in a recent interview (video below). “That is not the case. Yes, Alex and I like each other a lot, still. We hang around with each other a lot. And we both have a desire to try to write songs together. We don’t know whether that will bear fruit or not."

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson Will Write New Songs

He continued: “If it does bear fruit, great. Then we might release some songs. If – that's always an ‘if’ there; but when people publish articles about that, they leave the ‘if’ out. So, yeah, I plan to get together with Al, and we plan to write some songs, but we don’t know if they’ll be any damn good, so we’ll see what happens.”

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Earlier this month Lee revealed that Paul McCartney had urged the surviving Rush pair to “get back out there,” reporting: “He was so warm and embracing and positive. He came and sat and drank with us… And he was very emphatic, talking about, ‘You know what Ringo always says – it’s what we do.’ He was lecturing Al about how great it is to tour. ‘You have to do it, man.’”

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