Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar weighed in on the recent VH controversy, in which the band postponed 31 scheduled shows this summer without a specified reason. The rumor mill suggested that things had gotten contentious between the members once again. Since Hagar was a part of the band for a lengthy period of time, he's well aware of the inner workings.

"They're hard people to get along with, those brothers," Hagar told The Associated Press (quotes via CBS) after the news broke. "Otherwise I'd still be in the band." Hagar also expressed surprise that it took this long for the tour to experience drama. He said, "I predicted this was going to happen a lot sooner. I lost money on that bet!"

TMZ reported that the band axed the dates not due to infighting but because they felt the schedule was "too much, too fast" and they were losing their focus and need to regroup and recharge by taking some time off.

Rumors that Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth are feuding again were dismissed as "total B.S.," while the source said that they are all "burned out" and "they want to make sure their concerts are not a routine…they want every performance to be special."