Mike 'Sandman' Sanders is the host of the Loudwire Reloaded weekend radio show, which can be heard on various rock stations throughout the country. Every weekend he counts down the top hard rock songs in the nation, and works in some tunes directly related to the headlines you see here at Loudwire.com. Here, Sandman offers a spotlight on a band he thinks rock fans should check out.

Recently I was hanging out at a local music store which is owned and operated by longtime musicians. Rock guys, y'know. So I asked them, "What's new that you've been listening to lately?" Almost in unison they said, "Karnivool," to which I responded with nothing less then a big dumb look on my face. One of the guys said, "Look them up on YouTube. They sound a little like Tool, but the singer is more melodic than Maynard, and while Tool is very much driven by bass and drums, Karnivool is not."

Ok, so when I got home I searched for Karnivool on YouTube and found a ton of live and studio recorded videos of the band.

They are an Australian hard-rock act who released their acclaimed debut album 'Themata' in 2005 and progressed with 2009’s impressive follow-up, 'Sound Awake.' Karnivool recently released their third album, 'Asymmetry,' in July 2013, and they are establishing themselves as a powerful force in progressive modern music.

Now a major international draw, appearing at festivals such as Big Day Out, Sonisphere (France), Download (UK), SXSW (U.S.) and Hurricane (Germany), the band is finally getting the acclaim they deserve.

So here's a couple of videos of the band, plus you can check out their website here and Facebook here. Do they have what it takes to break through to U.S. audiences? Only time will tell.

Watch Karnivool's Video for 'We Are'

Watch Karnivool Perform 'Deadman'