Of Mice & Men were the big winners of the 'Loudwire Reloaded' airplay vote this past week and as a result, you'll be hearing 'Would You Still Be There?' on the next 'Loudwire Reloaded' weekend program (click the button below for details).

Who will follow in their footsteps? That's up to you as we give you five rocking songs to vote upon to get an extra spin alongside the biggest hits in hard rock on the 'Loudwire Reloaded' radio show.

Bobaflex's 'I'm Glad You're Dead' and Fuel's 'Soul to Preach To' both enjoyed significant voting tallies last week, but fell just short, so they'll get another shot to earn the 'Loudwire Reloaded' spotlight this week. They'll be joined in the poll by Black Stone Cherry's 'Me and Mary Jane,' The Letter Black's 'Sick Charade' and Righteous Vendetta's 'This Pain.'

Now check out all five songs in the poll below and then vote for which song you think deserves to be played on 'Loudwire Reloaded.' Voting concludes on Monday, March 3, at 10AM ET.