Congrats to Blacklite District, as their fans helped make 'With Me Now' the next song to be highlighted on the 'Loudwire Reloaded' radio show. The track will appear on the next broadcast alongside the biggest songs in hard rock.

Blacklite District's ascension means there's room for another up-and-coming rock track to follow in its footsteps with some extra airplay on the 'Loudwire Reloaded' countdown. We've got five songs vying for the extra attention and you get to play program director by picking which track gets the spot.

Devour the Day's 'Move On' advances to compete another week, but we're giving you four new tracks to vote upon as well. Bridge to Grace rock it out with their new single 'The Fold.' Pop Evil generate yet another track from their stellar 'Onyx' album with the more intimate 'Torn to Pieces.' Redlight King give us an inspirational kick in the pants with 'Times Are Hard,' and 3 Years Hollow amp up the energy with 'Hungry.'

Which of these tracks will you advance to play alongside the biggest songs in rock? That's your call. Vote up to once per hour in the poll below. Voting ends on Monday, Feb. 10 at 10AM ET.