Now that he's out of both Velvet Revolver and Stone Temple Pilots, vocalist Scott Weiland is moving forward with his next solo album. The singer, who has been touring with his solo band The Wildabouts, is writing while out on the road. A photo posting confirming the writing can be seen at the bottom of this story.

There is currently a little gap in Weiland's tour schedule, meaning he could duck into the studio to lay down some new music. At present, his next scheduled date comes June 27 in Nanaimo, Canada with a stretch of dates north of the border scheduled through mid-July. His full itinerary can be found here.

Weiland's last proper solo album was 2008's 'Happy in Galoshes,' and while writing has just started on his next disc, he has debuted a few new songs in his recent set lists. Among the tracks to find their way into shows include 'The Way She Moves,' 'Beach Pop Song' and 'Circles.'

When Weiland does hit the studio, he'll be working with producer Rick Parker. Weiland told Monday Mag, "It's definitely different right now, because we're a four-piece instead of a five-piece. The songs that we're writing and the way that we're playing has changed. It's not as muddled as it was before and the writing process is different. I'm writing with the guys in the band, which is a different process from what I've done before on my two solo albums, where the writing was generally myself and one other person. This is a band process. We're sharing ideas."


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