After his firing from Stone Temple Pilots, it’s not hard to imagine that there may be a bit of bad blood between former STP frontman Scott Weiland and his estranged band. But how does Weiland feel about STP's newly recruited singer Chester Bennington?

In a new interview posted on WMMR, Weiland confides that it’s not Bennington that he has a problem with. "I've known Chester for a long time. I got to be pretty close to him on the Family Values Tour,” said Weiland. “I don't think Chester did it in a spiteful way. I'm sure, I mean, the brothers DeLeo can be pretty persuasive."

With lawsuits pending, both Stone Temple Pilots and Scott Weiland are forging ahead with their separate careers but Weiland admits that he still finds it all very disappointing. "My feelings were definitely hurt because it wasn't something that was handled right at all,” he shared.

He adds, "I don't think that it was smart for them to do that. I've played with them for a long time. But then on another side of it, I can't say that I'm that surprised. There's things that have happened in the past that are somewhat similar so I guess nothing is totally shocking. But I am surprised ... at what they did and without checking the legality of it, how they just decided to go and use the (band) name and go and hire another singer and start playing shows with a name that I still am an owner of."

Stone Temple Pilots with Bennington at the helm continue to move forward without Weiland. They are currently working on a new EP and recently announced a fall tour run. Check out all the dates by clicking below:

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