Seasons After have a message to share with you, and they're teaming up with Loudwire to do so while exclusively premiering their new video for "Fighter."

The clip opens with the message, "We all have to fight to endure. Never give up. Never give in" and that point is driven home via numerous people who have submitted themselves with signs stating "#I'm a Fighter" with the things that they've fought against, whether it be anxiety, depression, cancer or other things in their life. The video itself is primarily a performance piece with the band shot in black and white, interspersed with the "#I'm a Fighter" testimonials.

Singer Tony Housh says, "'Fighter' is a song that has it's meaning built directly into the title. It's not a song that has some kind of deep meaning that can be construed this way or that way by the listener according to their own interpretation. There is no hidden meaning other than perseverance. We wanted to write a song that represented not only the spirit of the band, but the spirit of survival and endurance through the human experience that we all live. If there is one thing that we as a band have learned, it is that in order to move forward, you must always continue pushing. Be it your health, your dreams, your inner thoughts, your struggles, no matter the task or battle, the fight must never die. This song is for every battle that you may never know another is facing."

The five-piece hard rock outfit released their latest album Manifesto in November, and "Fighter" is the lead single off the effort. Guitarist Jimmy Beattie states, "This album was written with nothing but the truth in mind. It's about the unspoken realities that a lot of us live with, and some of the hard truths we all face at one time or another. The idea is to let listeners know that they are not alone, and that someone understands. We can find each other in the dark." You can pick up a copy of Seasons After's Manifesto via iTunes.

Seasons After are in the midst of wrapping up their 2016 touring. Stay up to date with where the band is playing at this location.