Seasons After are taking the next step in their musical return as there's now an official music video for the new single 'Lights Out.' The clip, which is exclusively premiering here at Loudwire, follows on the heels of the band's recent lyric video for the track.

In the video above, Seasons After appear to be dealing with one very specific season -- winter -- as the group plays amidst the cold and spitting snow. Yet even with the seemingly frigid temps, the band definitely generates some heat with their performance.

Frontman Tony Housh recently told Loudwire of the track, “‘Lights Out’ is a song that was written when we were having to make a lot of tough decisions for the band. We really felt as though the metaphorical body of Seasons After had been dragged out into the field after being severely beaten and left for dead. There were a lot of things going on at that moment that we couldn’t defend against, both business and personal. I think we all felt that the band had been unfairly sentenced to death without jury. So we decided to put our heads down, remain silent and take the storms quietly on our own as a group.”

'Lights Out' is featured on the band's upcoming ‘Calamity Scars and Memories’ album, due Feb. 24. You can order the disc at this location.