The jig is up, the news is out! You've finally found the exclusive premiere of Shallow Side's video for their cover of Styx's classic track "Renegade."

Singer Eric Boatright tells us, "In the studio early 2016 I knew I wanted to put a cover song onto our debut album One (coming in 2017), but covers are a very tricky thing to do. First you have to find one that fits you and then you have to do it justice. After all, it wasn't a hit song simply because you thought it was cool. Millions loved it so you can't screw it up! I searched for months and I'm a music junkie of the sorts. I wanted to play them all. Tossing up hundreds of songs to do I heard it playing on a classic rock station in the background and the mood fell over the room. The aggressive guitars the galloping beats with atmosphere that screamed 'Rebel' on the run!! But first, it was the harmonies."

He adds, "The song for me has it all. I've always been a fan of what I would consider one of America's greatest rock bands and it became a no brainer when we mentioned 'Renegade.' Love Styx, love the song and we wanted to take that same world and bring it to where we are today."

As for the video, it features the band members hanging out together working on their vehicle before taking it for a joyride with the long arm of the law hot on their tail. The chase culminates at a bonfire with a raucous conclusion.

"Renegade" follows on the heels of the band's recent success with the single "Rebel." As stated, the band is eyeing a 2017 release for their debut album One. Like "Rebel" before it, you will be able to purchase their cover of "Renegade" via digital providers beginning this Friday (Nov. 18). In addition, the band will be selling "Renegade" CD singles at their shows. The band has a handful of shows left in 2016. See where they are playing here.

Shallow Side

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