Sick Puppies are back after a major lineup change. Singer-guitarist Bryan Scott has come on board to round things out and the group is off to a solid start with their current single "Stick to Your Guns." Though they recently issued a lyric video for the song, today Sick Puppies are teaming up with Loudwire to exclusively bring you the official music video for the track.

As you can see in the Nathan Cox-directed video, it's a performance piece giving viewers a chance to see what to expect when the band comes back to concert venues across the country. The video starts off with the trio performing in a loft, complete with the energy expected from the song. But midway through the video, the band puts a twist on things by shutting down the lights and engulfing themselves with bright colored paints that pop under a blacklight.

In a recent interview, we spoke with bassist Emma Anzai about "Stick to Your Guns." She says of the song, "It was one of the first songs that we wrote with our producer Mark Holman in Nashville. It came together really fast. Actually, it was one of those things where it just kind of wrote itself and came out. Thematically and lyrically it was really close to the hearts of us because we were going through a bit of a tough time and it was cathartic being able to write something like that and being able to put that out there for other people to hear. It’s about not letting anyone tell you that you can’t do something. You have to put you mind to it and no one’s going to help you. You have to do it yourself. You have to stick to your guns and make something happen."

Look for "Stick to Your Guns" on Sick Puppies new album, FURY, due in stores this Friday (May 20). You can currently pre-order the disc at this location and you can check out the band on tour playing songs from the album at these stops.

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