Sick Puppies are riding high with their Top 5 rock hit 'There's No Going Back,' and we recently had the pleasure of welcoming the trio to our Loudwire studio. In addition to discussing their new album, 'Connect,' the band treated us to a street-musician version of one of the year's most infectious rock songs.

The lo-fi performance of 'There's No Going Back' shows off the band's talents, as frontman Shim Moore delivers the tune's quiet verses before belting out the hard-rocking chorus. Meanwhile, Emma Anzai shows off her bass skills and provides stellar backing vocals as drummer Mark Goodwin pounds away on a drum box (also known as a cajón) and chimes in on the chorus, as well.

Sick Puppies' new album 'Connect' is available at iTunes. You can also catch the band on tour throughout North America. See their current list of dates here. But first, check out Sick Puppies rocking 'There's No Going Back' at the Loudwire studio in the video above!