Silvertomb, the band featuring Type O Negative's Kenny Hickey and John Kelly, have just premiered "Waiting," the second single and closing track on their debut album, Edge of Existence, here at Loudwire.

"Waiting" is a departure from the nervous, bluesy sludge of "Love You Without No Lies," the first single, and opens with an acoustic riff torn from the '60s rock timeline, later transformed into a straight-ahead grunge corker.

"After a long night in the studio wrestling with key changes and heavy riffs I became frustrated and picked up my acoustic and this song just sort of spilled out at 3AM," said Hickey, who handles guitar and lead vocals, of the song's origin.

"It was completed in around 15 minutes. I guess it was just what I needed: a straight up simple rock song to put my feet back on the ground," he continued.

Taking note of the song as the album's closing track, Hickey offered, "I decided to end the record with it to refresh the ear after 36 minutes of dirge and weighty tuned down sludge, so it actually shares with the listener the state of mind I was in when it was written. It’s a song about wasting time and emotional energy over the things you’ve lost in life and the things you could never have."

Read the lyrics to "Waiting" below and listen to it toward the bottom of the page.

I've been waiting
Waiting far too long
For your heart
Heart to know it's wrongs
When will you
Open your eyes to see?
All the things
Things that were meant to be
Meant to be

I've been lying
Lying on your step
I've been holding
Holding back my breath
Only foolish
Foolish ones regret
All the things
Things we could never get

Oh I need you
I need you
Just like you need me too

I've been wasting
Wasting too much time
For your heart
heart to catch your mind
When you find it
Send me down a sign
Yeah you search
Search but you wont find

Oh I need you
Yeah I need you
Oh I need you
Like you need me too
Like you need me too

Edge of Existence, Silvertomb's debut record, arrives on Nov. 1 on Long Branch Records. Pre-order your copy here and follow the band on Facebook and  Instagram.

Silvertomb are:

Kenny Hickey - Guitar, Vocals
Joseph James - Guitar
Johnny Kelly - Drums
Hank Hell - Bass
Aaron Joos - Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals

Silvertomb, "Waiting"

Silvertomb, Edge of Existence Album Art

Long Branch Records
Long Branch Records

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09. "Waiting"

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