Until now, only a couple songs had emerged from Silvertomb, which features Type O Negative vets Kenny Hickey (guitar, vocals) and Johnny Kelly (drums) among others. The group has just released the details of their debut record, Edge of Existence, alongside a new song "Love You Without No Lies."

Aching, sludgy blues riffs crawl out across this doomy track, authenticated by Hickey's anguished howls and it's clear he's exorcising something dark. The album is intended to be the frontman's vessel for exploring struggles with addiction, love, suicide and the loss of his Type O Negative bandmate, the legendary Peter Steele.

"The first song written for the record Edge of Existence, 'Love You Without No Lies' was conceived before keyboardist Aaron Joos was added to the lineup," said Hickey. Talking more about how the song's assemblage, he continued, "Keyboard was then retrofitted into the song. The piano intro was originally a guitar intro played by Joe James and distorted keys were added to the verses and hammond organs to the choruses."

As for the song's meaning, Hickey offered, "The lyrics question wether love is possible without some degree of conscious concealment or dishonesty."

Hit play on "Love You Without No Lies" below and pre-order your copy of Edge of Existence, out Nov. 1 on Long Branch Records, here. Check out the psychedelic album art below, too.

Silvertomb, "Love You Without No Lies"

Silvertomb, Edge of Existence Album Art

Long Branch Records
Long Branch Records

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