This Loud List was made in tribute to late Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele. We’ve put together 10 moments from the man’s unforgettable life for fans to soak in.

Peter Steele passed away on April 14, 2010, due to heart failure. With him, Type O Negative also died, proving Steele to be truly irreplaceable. The man was an original through and through, which is one reason his death is one we’ll never get over.

One of Steele’s most memorable appearances came via The Jerry Springer Show, where the Type O musician graced the talk show stage to speak about his experiences with groupies, one of which happened to be a guest on the program.

Peter made plenty of televised appearances, including another on The Howard Stern Show. Steele spoke with Stern about his lyrical desires of killing his girlfriend and then himself before playing “Cinnamon Girl” with the rest of Type O. Steele also appeared on VH1’s The List, where he rattled off his picks for the most controversial artists of all time. He made special mention of Rammstein, whom he respected for offending people and playing with fire onstage.

Check out these and plenty of other Peter Steele clips in these 10 Unforgettable Peter Steele Moments!

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