Strap in and pay attention! Sister Sin have teamed with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive premiere of their new video for 'Chaos Royale,' and as they say in the song itself, they're here to "put an end to the music that sucks."

It's a new world order for Sister Sin in the 'Chaos Royale' video as vocalist Liv Jagrell, with a whip in hand and a take-charge attitude to boot spouts, "The whole world is my personal bitch" while leading her army of nicely suited, white mask-wearing men into battle. Watching the video, there's little doubt that Sister Sin are ready to take control, either in the fictional video world or on the music scene itself.

'Chaos Royale' is featured on Sister Sin's 'Black Lotus' album, which is out today and available at Amazon or iTunes. The band is currently on tour in Europe and you can find them at these locations.

And finally, you can also win a special Sister Sin prize pack just by sharing your appreciation of the 'Chaos Royale' video. All you have to do is retweet the post of this music video and follow both Loudwire and Sister Sin on Twitter. If you do, you'll be eligible to receive a copy of 'Black Lotus,' a Sister Sin T-shirt and a 'Black Lotus' poster. Just click on the button below for a chance to enter.

Sister Sin

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